​Underwriting Opportunities

Play an important role in connecting people to nature.

ASWP reaches over 10,000 people annually with environmental education and conservation engagement programs. These programs give people of all ages the opportunity to learn about and directly experience nature.

Participants become engaged in activities that build skills, contribute to scientific research, and support conservation. School programs expand on curricular learning by aligning with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards in the areas of science, environment, ecology, and technology. Through our programs, students have the opportunity to practice the science, math, and technology skills they are learning in the classroom.

Our programs take place throughout the year and are available at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, Succop Nature Park, and Todd Nature Reserve, or at schools, senior centers, libraries, and other locations within the community.

When you contribute to one of ASWP’s programs you are...

  • Giving students the chance to create native habitat at their school and contribute to scientific research
  • Offering senior citizens the opportunity to have engaging experiences that positively impact their mental and physical health
  • Providing teachers with the opportunity to learn skills and information they can use to support their students’ learning

Here are brief descriptions of the types of programs we offer. Visit the programs and events section of our website to learn more. Contact us at 412-963-6100 if you are interested in contributing to the costs of any of these programs. Your support helps cover the costs of materials, equipment, facilities, and other expenses that keep these programs going.

Citizen Science Programs

Through citizen science people make observations and collect data, significantly expanding the amount of information professional scientists have to study a variety of topics from wildlife to weather patterns. ASWP coordinates a variety of citizen science programs throughout the year, offering expanded programs through our Citizen Science on the School Ground and Citizen Science at Senior Centers programs where we develop a stronger partnership with a school or senior living facility to assist in the creation of wildlife gardens with native plants on the school or facility grounds and provide programming and outreach over an extended period of time.

School Programs (Pre- K through grade 12)

Whether at one of our nature sites through our Outdoor Discovery Field Trips or in the school, our school programs encourage hands-on engagement with nature for students in pre-k through grade 12. We offer programs on a variety of topics that correlate to the classroom curriculum adding to what students are learning and supporting the work of teachers.

Boy and Girl Scout Programs

We offer programs for boy scouts, girl scouts, and similar youth groups so scouts can gain knowledge and skills to encourage outdoor exploration and work toward badge requirements.

Summer Camps (Kids ages 5-14)

During the months of June and July we offer summer day camps at our Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve and Succop Nature Park locations. Campers spend their time exploring outside, observing wildlife, and doing hands-on activities. We offer scholarships for campers through our Shannon’s Camp Fund so that kids who would not otherwise be able to participate can still have the opportunity to explore and learn about nature through this summer camp experience.

Teacher Workshops and Consultation Services

ASWP is an Act 48 provider, which means we are approved to deliver the continuing professional education programs certified educators in Pennsylvania are required to complete. Through these programs we help educators build their knowledge of the environment and ecology so they have expanded tools and information to use with their students.

Master Birder

Audubon’s Master Birder Program is for the intermediate birder who would like to take his or her birding knowledge to another level. This program incorporates classes with guest speakers and outings designed to reinforce class subject matter and offer firsthand experience with the breadth of birds in Western Pennsylvania. Program graduates will have a detailed understanding of local habitat, bird identification, and behavior. They will share their learning through an ongoing volunteer commitment to ASWP through educational programs and helping to guide younger naturalists.

Young Naturalists

Younger individuals who are interested in the natural world can learn about the environment through our trained naturalists, who will encourage them to build their knowledge and inspire them to become the next generation of environmental stewards.

Audubon Center for Native Plants (ACNP)

The Audubon Center for Native Plants, located at our Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, is a unique center for the growth and propagation of native plants. Native plants help native wildlife, and contribute to the overall health of our environment. ACNP outreach programs teach the importance of growing native plants and give hands-on experience.

Backyard Habitat Certification

Through this tiered program people in our seven county service area can learn about native plants and wildlife and work toward making their own yards a healthier habitat for native species as well as a pleasing environment for their own enjoyment.

Family Programs

We offer regular nature hikes and other programming for people of all ages. When families engage in nature activities together in builds a strong connection to the natural world.

ASWP is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 25-1324559.