Eco-Tours: See Birds of the World

Our upcoming tours: 

Join us for trips across the United States and the globe! Want to learn more about our upcoming trips? Email and ask to be put on our travel list.

Registration open now for an eco-tour to Colombia November 1-9, 2023. This trip starts at $4545 and is all inclusive including airfare from Pittsburgh.

Contact us for information on details and pricing on these tours which are planned but not yet open for registration:

Panama - February 2024

Tanzania - August 2024

Panama January 24


Some memorable participant experiences have included:

“After hours of searching, Brian located a small group of White-collared Seedeaters for our group of 16 participants at La Laja Ranch”
along the Rio Grande River in Laredo, Texas
“A magnificent Mangrove Cuckoo perched atop a Black Mangrove”
Key Largo, Florida
“Nesting Atlantic Puffins carrying mouthfuls of herring into their burrows on Machias Seal Island”
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada
“An adult female Coyote returning to her den of pups”
Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO
“The thunderous roar of the morning flight of Snow Geese at Bosque Del Apache NWR”
San Antonio, NM
“The exhilaration of seeing a Great Gray Owl perched on a snag in Sax Zim Bog”
“Waves crashing against the bow of the boat as we watch thousands of Sooty Shearwaters, a dozen Black-footed Albatross, and even a South Polar Skua”
Pacific Ocean, 60 miles offshore of Monterey, California