Bird Feeder Repair

Bird Feeder Repair

We carry only the best when it comes to bird feeders – but sometimes those feeders need a tune up! Many of the brands we carry offer warranties on manufacturing defects and squirrel damage, additionally they may also offer replacement parts for a nominal fee. We'll assist with sourcing replacement parts and facilitating repair.

Please feel free to call us, email or stop by our Beechwood Nature Store if you have any issues with a bird feeder you have purchased from us. We have a number of feeder parts on hand and are happy to repair if we are able. We want the birds fed and happy just as much as you do!

Have questions? Call our Beechwood Nature Store at: (412) 963-6100 or email sditch [at] aswp [dot] org.

Droll Yankee offers a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage. For replacement parts pleasereach out to their support line at (800) 352-9164, or email: You can also purchase replacement parts via their website at: Please note: as of October 2023, we are no longer able to order parts on your behalf.

Aspects offers a lifetime warranty that covers the function of the feeder against manufacturing defects. Please reach out to their support line at 1-888-277-3287 or email: You may also fill out the product repair form here:

Brome has a lifetime care warranty which covers squirrel damage, manufacturing defects and other problems. It’s important to reach out to Brome directly regarding repair rather than attempting to repair yourself, which negates their warranty. Please reach out to their support line at 1-800-856-5685. Or fill out a product repair form here: