Nest Info By Year

Pittsburgh's Bald Eagles: History Year by Year

Bald Eagles have been back in Pittsburgh since 2013! Read more about each year at both nests by clicking on the green links below. 

The webcam at the Harmar nest is owned by Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, streams from ASWP owned property, and is made possible through the generous support of Comcast Business. The Hays webcam is a collaborative project between CSE and Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. 

Both live video feeds have been granted a special permit by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for educational purposes. The Game Commission's mission is: To manage wild birds, wild mammals, and their habitats for current and future generations.

Hays Nest

2020 First egg: February 13, Second egg: February 16. First hatch: March 21, second hatch: March 23.

2019 First egg: February 12, Second egg: February 15, Third egg: February 18. First hatch: March 23; second hatch: March 25 (one egg not viable). Fledge: June 11 and June 16.

2018 First egg: February 13; Second egg: February 15, Third egg: February 19. One egg cracked, not viable. First hatch: March 23. Fledge: June 11.

2017 First egg: February 20. Hatch: March 29. Fledge: June 15. 

2016 First egg: February 13; Second egg: February 16; Third egg: February 20. First hatch: March 21, Second hatch: March 22; Third egg not viable.

2015 First egg: February 17; Second egg: February 20. First egg broken: March 13. Second egg broken: March 27. Unsuccessful nesting season.

2014 First egg: February 19. Second egg: February 22. Third egg: February 25. First hatch: March 28. Second hatch: March 30. Third hatch: April 2. Fledge dates: June 20, 21, and 27.

2013 (no webcam) Incubating behavior by parents: March 11. Hatch behavior: April 14. Eaglet seen in the nest on May 13. Fledge: June 9.

Harmar Nest

2020 (no webcam) At least one egg laid.

2019 (no webcam) At least two eggs laid and two successful hatches. Fledge (both birds): June 22

2018 First egg: February 24, Second egg: February 27. First hatch: April 2; second hatch: April 3. Fledge: June 26 and June 29.

2017 First egg: February 27. First hatch: April 5. Fledge dates: June 29-30 (There were two eaglets, but due to the camera angle it was difficult to determine 2nd egg and hatch date).

2016 First egg: March 9. First hatch: April 14, second hatch: April 17. (There were two eaglets, but due to the camera angle it was difficult to determine lay date of 2nd egg).

2015 First egg: February 20. Unsuccessful year; egg not viable

2014 (no webcam) First egg: Date not known. Hatch behavior in nest: April 8