Educator Resources

Teachers - looking for resources to help your students learn about Bald Eagles?

Our downloadable lesson plans can get your class ready to follow the Bald Eagles via our Hays eagle cam! From building a miniature Bald Eagle nest in your classroom, to learning about the physiology of a baby Bald Eagle, these plans provide the background to incorporate Bald Eagles into a fun and innovative learning experience for your students. 

We also offer virtual learning opportunities that allow our educators to connect directly with you and your classroom for a Bald Eagle program and Q&A session. All you need is an internet connection! Please call Chris Kubiak at (412) 963-6100 to learn more about virtual classes.

Lesson plans:

Getting to Know Bald Eagles: eBird Lesson Plan

Engineering an Eagle Nest Lesson Plan

Eaglet Physiology 

Eagle Observation Log Lesson Plan

Eagle Observation Chart (using the Eagle Cams)

This project supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund. ​

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