Hays Nest

Bald Eagle Nest in Hays, PA - City of Pittsburgh

The camera on the Hays Bald Eagles' nest has some condensation or water in it. We are hopeful that the sunshine will dry it out and clear up the picture. Federal and state law prohibits anyone from accessing the camera after December 31 - when breeding season starts. Additionally, now that the eaglets are grown, any disturbance very near the nest could seriously jeopardize the young birds. Like any bird, they could be forced to fledge prematurely - a scenario we would never risk. We'll keep you updated on cam status.

The Bald Eagle cam is streaming the 2023 nesting season!

First egg of 2023: February 17; second egg: February 20.

First hatch: March 26; second hatch: March 28.

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania works in partnership with PixCams to live stream this nest, located in Hays (City of Pittsburgh), PA. Additional thanks to our partner, Davey Tree.

Viewer caution: This webcam shows live views of Bald Eagles in nature. Some content may not be suitable for all audiences.