Connection to National Audubon Society

ASWP is your local Audubon chapter

National Audubon members are committed to preserving the natural world around us. While National Audubon concentrates on important national and International conservation issues, Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, your local Audubon chapter, concentrates on local education and conservation issues in your own backyard.

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania is not just one of the largest Audubon Chapters in the eastern United States—we are also one of the busiest. Much of this would not be possible without the support of our members.

Last year, membership support helped us to:

  • Maintain four picturesque locations, totaling 741 acres and 13.5 miles of trails;
  • Provide over 40,000 people with enriching outdoor environmental experiences;
  • Immerse over 9,000 children in fun, hands-on outdoor discovery programs; and
  • Conduct meaningful conservation and research projects throughout our region.

We know that experiencing and preserving natural environments is important to you. Please consider joining Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania now by calling us at (412) 963-6100