Regional Initiatives

Conservation begins with Education. Through our long history of hands-on engagement, we've learned how to foster the experiences that motive change. Participants in our programs learn how to make a difference, whether they are collecting research data, creating microhabitats, or managing stormwater by building rain gardens.Where birds, thrive, people prosper.

Birds are one of the most visible and measurable indicators of a healthy environment, both near at hand and in the faraway places from which they migrate. The metaphor of the canary in the coal mine is as true now as it was when mining was a pick-and-shovel affair.

Declining bird counts are the result of habitat fragmentation, pollution, pesticide use, climate change and other factors. These threats to birds carry a powerful message-one that impacts our homes, our communities, and our lives.

We believe the bold initiatives outlined in our Centennial Campaign will help reverse the disconnection process that threatens our communities and the natural world.

New education initatives include:

  • Citizen Science on the School Grounds
  • Pigeons and Doves over Pittsburgh
  • Master Bird Program
  • Citizen Science at Senior Centers
  • Audubon e-Connect

New Conservation initatives include:

  • Chimney Swift Habitat Project
  • Backyard Habitat Certification Program
  • Carbon Neutrality Projects
  • Bird Friendly Community Recognition Program

Campaign Goal

Goal: $650,000

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