Audubon's Eagle Cams

Bald Eagles in Western Pennsylvania

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The Hays Bald Eagle Cam will begin streaming the eagles in December 2020.

A statement about the Harmar Bald Eagles:

ASWP has been receiving a number of inquiries about the Harmar Bald Eagle nest and whether Audubon will be putting a camera on the nest for 2021. Sadly, we’ve concluded that the risks of installing a camera outweigh any potential benefits:

  • The camera would need to be moved to the new nest location, which is not on Audubon-owned property. 
  • The new nest is in a location that’s very dangerous to access—a misstep could result in a fall off of a steep cliff onto Route 28. 
  • The trees surrounding the nest don’t provide a good angle to view inside the nest. 
  • There is not ready access to electric or internet service – the existing sources are so far away that all new ones would be needed. 
  • Most importantly, though, there is no scientific or conservation value to be gained from having a camera on the nest. 

Given these challenges, moving the camera is not a recommended concept and
Audubon will not pursue or encourage it. The birds are successful breeders and will hopefully continue to stay in Harmar and produce viable offspring for years to come. We do plan to monitor the birds from vantage points along Freeport Road and will, as always, gratefully accept spotting information from birders who are watching and photographing the birds.