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T.W. Phillips Barn is Open!

On June 1, we opened the T.W. Phillips Barn, Western Pennsylvania's newest environmental education center, to the public!  The barn, located at Succop Nature Park, was made possible through those who generously supported our Centennial Campaign. Thank you to all of our donors, members, friends, and volunteers!

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Read about our work in the Buffalo Creek Watershed

"Audubon has been tracking and encouraging stewardship of the watershed. The nonprofit is looking for public comment for the Buffalo Creek Watershed Plan, 10 Year Update." - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 3, 2019.

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Updates to organizational information

A draft of new bylaws was presented at our October 2018 board meeting and will be finalized at the December 2018 board meeting. To learn more about the proposed changes, Click here.

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Read the newest Bulletin online!

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Pittsburgh's Eagle Cams are Live!

[December 26, 2017] - Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania announces that the Harmar and Hays Bald Eagle web cameras are now streaming at The cams were installed in partnership with CSE Corporation, Comcast Business, Arborel Tree Services, a Davey Company, and JASE Construction Services. We look forward to an exciting 2018 Bald Eagle breeding season!

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Audubon Confirms Hatch in Harmar Eagles' Nest

 Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania confirms an eaglet hatch at the Harmar Bald Eagles’ nest. The confirmation is based on the adult eagles’ behaviors—there is still no visual confirmation of the eaglet. A newly-hatched eaglet is grey, fuzzy, and very small—but grows very quickly. We expect to be large enough to see in about a week’s time via the webcam. This morning, an adult eagle was seen ripping food into small pieces, then leaning over to feed the eaglet (see attached image). Audubon will continue to monitor the nest and will provide images of the eaglet when it’s visible within the nest. At this time, we cannot confirm if there will be more than one eaglet in the nest. The first egg was laid on February 27, 2017. The Harmar Eagle Cam may be viewed at

Audubon Confirms Hatch in Hays Nest

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania has confirmed a hatch at the rebuilt Hays Bald Eagle nest. The confirmation is based on the adult eagles’ behaviors. Because the webcam cannot see into the rebuilt nest, there is no visual confirmation of the hatch. However, the parents are exhibiting behaviors consistent with a hatch. They are bringing food into the nest and ripping it into small pieces, then leaning over to feed the eaglet. Audubon will continue to monitor the nest and wishes to thank the eagle watchers on the trail for their continued updates on what’s occurring in the nest. When images are available of the chick, Audubon will distribute them to the media and via social media.

Audubon Confirms Egg in Harmar Nest 2/27/17

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania announces that the Harmar Bald Eagles have laid their first egg of 2017. The Harmar eagles’ nest is located on a hillside above Route 28. The egg was laid after the sun went down on Monday, February 27 and the adults immediately began exhibiting signs that there was an egg in the nest. Watch the Harmar eagles on their nest by clicking here.

Construction in Progress at Beechwood

Construction in Progress at Audubon’s Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve: Trails, Nature Store - Open During Construction - Construction has begun atAudubon Society of Western Pennsylvania’s Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, located in Fox Chapel. The improvements are the result of monies raised during Audubon’s Centennial Campaign. $6.3 million of the $7 million goal for the campaign has already been raised, including $1.7 million for projects at Beechwood. Watch the construction cam!