Owl Prowl--TNR

Category: Adults
11/10/18 7:00 pm - 11/10/18 8:30 pm
  • This program will be entirely outside on the trail.There are no buildings or services at Todd Nature Reserve. If you are coming a distance, we recommend you make your pit stop at Sheetz at the corner of Monroe Road and Rt 356, which is on the way from Rt 28 to Todd.

  • The forecast is cold! The owls won't mind, but you'll want to dress warmly.

  • Please wear sturdy foot gear. Our trails are rocky and muddy in places, and we'll be in the dark.

  • Please bring a flashlight. While we try to minimize flashlight use on the trail to preserve our night vision, for safety we should all have one at the ready just in case.

  • Todd Nature Reserve entrance is at approximately 347 Kepple Road, Sarver. The entrance is not marked. Look for headlights in the parking lot, which will be on your right (east) as you come from the Rt 28. The entrance is at the bottom of a slight valley.

Location: Todd Nature Reserve
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